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2021 Annual Report

The cover of 2021 annual report.

We are pleased to share the Council’s Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2021.

This year, Council Members deliberated issues within a framework of ensuring greater diversity, equity, and inclusion across federal programs as well as identifying opportunities to positively impact more women-owned businesses. The report features the result of those discussions—a recap of the Council’s actionable body of policy recommendations working within NWBC’s three policy subcommittees: Access to Capital, Rural Women’s Entrepreneurship, and Women in STEM. In addition to NWBC’s 2021 policy recommendations, the report also features custom tabulations on women-owned employer and nonemployer firms utilizing 2017 Annual Business Survey (ABS) and the Nonemployer Statistics by Demographics (NES-D) series data, a collaborative effort undertaken with the U.S. Census Bureau.