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2017 Annual Report

Accelerating the future of women entrepreneurs the power of the ecosystem

We are pleased to share the Council’s Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2017, “Accelerating The Future Of Women Entrepreneurs – The Power of the Ecosystem”

This year, the National Women’s Business Council celebrates 29 years of advising the White House, Congress, and the U.S. Small Business Administration on issues of impact and importance to women business owners.

We have convened the best intellect and experience, to address challenges that faced women business owners and leaders in 1988 and that still face women in 2017, and we have executed the most ambitious research portfolio in the Council’s history. We have contributed important information on private markets, expanded the definition of necessity entrepreneurship for business origination, redefined an effective entrepreneurial ecosystem framework, and piloted a regional solutions lab model, helping women business owners succeed. As we look ahead to changes in industry, markets, and labor, we invite all champions of women’s business ownership to join us in accelerating the policy of tomorrow, meeting the needs of women entrepreneurs in the economy of the future.

In this annual report, we present:

  • A review of the Council’s research findings and presentation of policy recommendations;
  • A summary of actions taken by the Council, key stakeholders, and other parts of the entrepreneurial ecosystem that have impacted women business owners; and
  •  A look ahead to new research agenda that the Council will pursue for Fiscal Year 2018.