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Notable Legislation

A group of women in front of a desk, posing for a picture while displaying a professional demeanor.

Throughout the years, the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) has sought to keep an eye on bills in Congress that have the potential to make a positive impact on women’s entrepreneurship. Much of this legislation has made its way into our policy recommendations throughout the years. To learn more about these past bills and how the Council has proposed they be modified or enacted to support women’s business enterprise, please visit our Annual Reports page.

Outside of bills captured by our policy recommendations, a select few have been highlighted below as notable legislation due to their bipartisanship, specific focus on women in business, or the overall benefit they would represent to our nation’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Microloan Transparency and Accountability Act of 2023 (H.R.449)

Introduced by Reps. Burchett, Kim, and Fitzgerald, this bill would require additional reporting from SBA regarding microloans.


Expanding Access to Capital for Rural Job Creators Act (S.294/H.R.298)

Introduced by Sens. Kennedy and Smith and Reps. Mooney, Pappas, and Cuellar, this bill would require the Securities and Exchange Commission Office of the Advocate for Small Business Capital Formation to submit an annual report on the unique challenges small businesses in rural areas face when trying to secure capital.


Research Advancing to Market Production for Innovators Act (S.1396/H.R. 3056)

Introduced by Sen. Coons and Rubio and Rep. Houlahan and Balderson, this bill would support American innovation by expediting the application processes for two federal small business programs, making small business federal grantees eligible for fast-tracked U.S. Patent Office services, and improving technical and business assistance.


Small Business Innovation Voucher Act (S.1739/H.R. 3603) 

Introduced by Sens. Cortez Masto and Young and Reps. Crow and Burchett, this bill would establish an Innovation Voucher Grant Program to facilitate collaboration between small businesses and research institutions.


SPUR Act (H.R. 3716) 

Introduced by Reps. Neguse and Salazar, this bill would raise the government-wide goal for participation by small businesses in procurement contracts from 23% to 25%. 


21st Century Entrepreneurship Act (S.1222)

Introduced by Sens. Cortez Masto and Blackburn would connect students enrolled in 21st Century Community Learning Centers with mentors from SCORE to help them develop professional skills in entrepreneurship.


Small Business Innovation Voucher Act of 2023 (S.1739/H.R.3603)

Introduced by Sen. Cortez Masto and Young and Reps. Crow and Burchett, this would create a voucher program at SBA to provide grants for small businesses to partner with higher education institutions to conduct research and development.


Supporting NEW BUSINESSES Act (S.1221) 

Introduced by Sen. Cortez Masto and Moran, this bill would require SBA to provide annual awards to states to encourage new business development. 


Minority Entrepreneurship Grant Program Act of 2023 (S.1402)

Introduced by Sens. Rosen and Tillis, this bill would establish a grant program to create or expand programs at minority-serving institutions and historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) that promote minority business ownership and entrepreneurship.