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Press Releases

National Women’s Business Council Welcomes New Member, Maria Rios

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Maria Rios 

President and CEO of Nation Waste, Inc.


Temren Wroge

WASHINGTON, D.C.- (April 7, 2020) — The National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) welcomes new Council Member, Maria Rios, President and CEO of Nation Waste, Inc. (NWI).

“I’m pleased to welcome Maria Rios to the Council” said Liz Sara, NWBC Chair. “Maria is the President and CEO of the first multi-million-dollar female, Hispanic-owned waste removal company in U.S. history and one of the largest minority-owned companies in Texas. Maria’s entrepreneurial skill is a great match for the Council’s work, and we look forward to her contributions to our team.”  

NWI is a fully certified, commercial waste disposal company specializing in construction, demolition, commercial/industrial, non-hazardous waste removal, portable toilets and recycling services.

“With an abundance of enthusiasm, I am looking forward to serving with this outstanding collective of results-driven women visionaries,” said Rios, new NWBC Council Member. “I’m energized to join the National Women’s Business Council and bring my experience as a business owner to the table.”   

In 2018, Rios revolutionized the workers safety industry by launching a new division, Nation Safety Net, which leverages a technology solution powered by IBM Watson IoT to keep workers safe and reduce the number of workplace injuries that occur.

Rios immigrated from El Salvador as a child and has dedicated her career to making life better for other Americans.  She has been a featured speaker at the White House for several administrations.

With the addition of Rios, NWBC will continue to focus its advocacy efforts on Women in STEM, Rural Women’s Entrepreneurship, and Access to Capital and Opportunity. NWBC remains committed to expanding opportunities for women business owners and their enterprises.

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