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Ariana Satina

profile picture of Ariana Satina
Program and Operations Manager

Born and raised in Northern Virginia and currently residing in Washington, DC, Ariana Satina considers herself to be a DMV native. She was brought up by resourceful, hard-working, and small business-owning Filipino parents. They instilled in her those values and beliefs and turned their American dream into a reality.

Ariana followed her own dream to learn more about and immerse herself in the world by studying abroad. In 2018, she graduated from Franklin University Switzerland with a BA in Communication and Media Studies and a Minor in Psychology. After graduating, Ariana hit the ground running to give back for all that she had received and to strive to make a change for the better—she volunteered as an Outreach Representative in the Visayan region of the Philippines. It was a transformative period in her life that she attributes to refining her. With 18 months of service in the Visayas, Ariana returned to the United States with professional fluency in Cebuano, a better understanding of the culture, a stronger love for service and the human family, and more hope for humankind. Since then, she’s implemented different aspects of her education and experiences in work as a Communication Intern, a Public Relations & Social Media Consultant, and a Design Assistant.

She currently works as the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) Program & Operations Manager. Her main responsibilities include coordinating core NWBC programmatic activities, such as public meetings, roundtables, and research policy rollouts, and managing NWBC office operations, including equipment, supplies, materials, printing on-boarding and off-boarding personnel processes, budgetary management and systems, and coordination of staff and invitational travel. Ariana hopes to use this opportunity to assist and advocate for female and minority, small business owners.

Outside of work and responsibilities, Ariana thoroughly enjoys experiencing and savoring as much of the world as possible through travel, food, music, dance, and friends. Life is meant to be lived and learned from, and Ariana aims to do just that. Hinay hinay, basta kanunay (slowly, but always).