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Public Meetings

June 2024 Public Meeting

NWBC to hold a virtual public meeting on June 6th to share updates, hear from SBA leadership, and learn more about research. This information is displayed on the left side of the page while on the right is a group photo of the Council.

You’re Invited! The National Women’s Business Council is holding a virtual Public Meeting on June 6, 2024, from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET. This meeting will allow the Council to hear from subject matter experts on issues related to women’s entrepreneurship. The meeting will open with a round robin from key SBA program offices and feature a research presentation from the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center. It will also allow the Council’s three subcommittees to provide updates to the full Council. If you are interested in submitting comments ahead of the meeting, please do so via the registration form or by emailing with subject line—“[Name/Organization] Comment for 06/06/24 Public Meeting.” The registration form will be made available soon.

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