Third StageGrowing Fern

At the scale stage, the business has survived the start-up years, is consistently generating revenue, and may have a small or growing staff. Whether they are long-time micro-firms ready for expansion, or growth-oriented start-ups primed to scale operations, in the scale stage, owners must determine how to add customers (and staff) through new markets or distribution channels, and consistently meet their demands. Establishing a track record in sales and balancing revenue, reserves, and risk are some of the chief concerns when scaling.



Expand Your Reach

Apply to a supplier development program to access more customers.


Find Partners

Visit an entrepreneur matchmaking site to find new partners for new products.


Plan to Grow

Attend a scale-up program and develop a growth strategy with advisers and peers.


Prepare for Procurement

Find a procurement center and learn to compete for government contracts through a technical assistance program.


Pitch Your Product

Grow your business by pitching your product to a venture or seed funding network.


Find Your Peers

Join a professional membership organization to expand your network and recruit talent.


Investigate Other Resources

Browse other resources that may help your business while in the scale stage.