Brain Thinking as a Seed

First Stage

At the creation or “ideation” stage, an entrepreneur has a business concept. She may be developing business plans, refining her business model, identifying team members with complementary skills, or even seeking financing. For a high-growth venture, writing a business plan is a key task and should consist of defined milestones and specific projections for the first 3 years of the business.


Finance Your Idea

Launch a campaign on a crowdfunding website.


Research the Market

Use a technical assistance tool to understand profit potential.


Test Your Plan

Enter a business competition to showcase your business plan and seek advice.


Find a Match

Visit an entrepreneur matchmaking website to find a partner for your venture.


Build Your Network

Attend a conference to talk to other business owners in your industry.


Investigate Other Resources

Browse other resources that may help your business while in the ideate stage.