Fourth StageTree

A company at the growth stage is mature and well established in the marketplace. It could have annual revenue of $10 million or more. More importantly, businesses at this stage are profitable and have developed strong, loyal customer bases, but they must continue to build on strengths to avoid losing customers to the competition. Growth in a mature business may even require that the owner start refining and narrowing the mission.

Advance Learning

Attend an executive education program to access mentors and resources.


Apply for a Loan

Find an SBA-backed loan in alternative lender programs and apply to expand your business.


Penetrate New Markets

Schedule a meeting at a technical assistance center to learn about exporting your product.


Find a Mentor

Join an entrepreneur mentor group to gain ongoing support for your business goals.


Increase Your Potential

Schedule a meeting at a technical assistance center to identify ways to improve efficiency.


Investigate Other Resources

Browse other resources that may help your business while in the growth stage.