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Past Research

Summary Report: Roundtable on Access to Affordable Health Care Coverage by Women-Owned Businesses

May 2003

Washington, DC - Women business owners are growing increasingly concerned about the...

Access to Affordable Health Coverage for Women-Owned Businesses: A Summary of Key Issues and Policy Options

May 2003

Women business owners are growing increasingly concerned about the difficulty of securing affordable health-care coverage for employees. It is...

Women-owned Small Businesses in Federal Subcontracting: Measures and Data.

February 2003

Washington, DC – A new study released today by the National Women’s Business Council examines and disproves...

Getting to Success: Helping Women Business Owners Gain Access to Capital. A Study of Best Practices in Access to Capital Training Programs for Women Business Owners

December 2002

Washington, DC – A new study released today by the...

An Investigation of Women-Led Firms and Venture Capital Investment

October 2001

This study on venture capital funding for women- and minority-led businesses confirms that despite the growth in equity investment, women and...

A Compendium of National Statistics on Women-Owned Businesses in the U.S

September 2001

This publication is a single-source document of statistical information about women's business ownership in the United States. It includes the...

United States Case Study: Successful Public and Private Sector Initiatives Fostering the Growth of Women's Business Ownership

November 2000

We offer this Case Study as a tool for our colleagues around the world to aid in fostering women's business ownership. While not an exhaustive...

Economic Prosperity, Women and Access to Credit

October 2000

While capital flow to women entrepreneurs is on the rise, it by no means parallels the extraordinary growth of women-owned businesses in the...