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Past Research

Women-Owned Firms in Federal Procurement: A Comparative Analysis

April 1999

This analysis is a first-ever, in-depth review of the characteristics of women-owned firms in federal contracting and a comparison of those...

Women's Economic Summit 1998 Master Plan

March 1999

This report provides a blueprint for the future of women's business enterprises, in which the vision and priorities of women business owners drive...

Growing Women's Businesses: Access to Capital and Credit

September 1997

This report of the Expert Policy Workshop Series: Access to Capital and Credit offers recommendations on how to create an economic infrastructure...

National Research Agenda for Womens Entrepreneurship

January 1996

This report identifies research necessary to expand knowledge of women's entrepreneurship for educators and academics, policy makers, and private...

Expanding Business Opportunities for Women

January 1996

This report of the Interagency Committee on Women's Business Enterprise is designed to be a resource guide as well as an evaluation of where the...

A Compendium of National Statistics of Women-Owned Businesses in the U.S.

September 1994

This report is an official documentation of the growth, economic contributions and critical barriers that exist for the women's business sector....

Expert Policy Workshop

June 1994

This report of the Equity Capital Expert Policy Workshop offers an in-depth, comprehensive discussion of the barriers women entrepreneurs face in...