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Past Research

Procurement Statistics Revealed Great Gains for Women-Owned Small Businesses

November 2013

On November 14, the National Women’s Business Council released a new...

New Research: Factors Influencing the Growth of Women-Owned Businesses – Risk Tolerance, Motivations, Expectations, and Culture

October 2013

Like all entrepreneurs, women business owners face many challenges in making their entrepreneurship dreams a reality.  Some of the challenges...

National Women's Business Council Releases Provocative Piece on Women-Led Businesses

August 2013

The National Women’s Business Council released a new infographic Tuesday illustrating the significant economic clout of women-led businesses. ...

New Data Analysis Shows Women-Owned Business Thriving, But Still Facing Obstacles

June 2013

Despite the difficult economic climate during the Great Recession, women-owned businesses performed just as well as men-owned businesses during...

NWBC Executive Director Addresses Women Veteran Entrepreneurs

January 2013

Written remarks by NWBC Executive Director Anie Borja during her Jan. 12, 2013, address to the Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of...

Qualitative Analysis: Intellectual Property & Women Entrepreneurs, Part II

November 2012

This second part to the NWBC research project, Intellectual Property and Women Entrepreneurs, covers the qualitative research from the...

Intellectual Property & Women Entrepreneurs

March 2012

The number of women awarded patents has soared over the last several decades far beyond previously reported figures, and the percentage of...

Women-Owned Firms in the United States

January 2012

Every five years, the U.S. Census completes an extensive Survey of Business Owners (SBO) that examines businesses by the gender of the business...