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Past Research

New Research: Factors Influencing the Growth of Women-Owned Businesses – Risk Tolerance, Motivations, Expectations, and Culture

October 2013

Like all entrepreneurs, women business owners face many challenges in making their entrepreneurship dreams a reality.  Some of the challenges...

Procurement Statistics Revealed Great Gains for Women-Owned Small Businesses

November 2013

On November 14, the National Women’s Business Council released a new...

Quantitative Research on the Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program

July 2014

The Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program (WOSB FCP) aims to reduce the inequity in award and distribution of prime Federal...

High Growth Women-Owned Businesses' Access to Capital

August 2014

New Research Shows that Women-Owned Firms Exceed Growth Expectations, but Still Lack Access to Capital


Women-Owned Businesses & the Supply Chain

September 2014

Women-owned businesses (WOBs) with business-to-business (B2B) sales tend to have higher revenue and better access to capital. This infographic...

New Research Identifies Women-Owned Businesses with Growth Potential

October 2014

The Council commissioned research on sole proprietorships and the factors leading to these firms’ first hires. The purpose was to discover how...

[NEW] Access to Capital Infographic Tool Kit

November 2014

The Council completed two projects on access to capital for high-growth women-owned businesses this year.  While this research is essential...

Structural Differences in Women's and Men's Social Networks

July 2015

Research has shown that social networks are vital to the healthy development and growth of a women's entrepreneurial endeavor. While there is a...