NWBC’s #WebinarWednesday is a monthly, multi-series webinar that serves as a platform for women entrepreneurs and business owners, to connect them to key advocates, experts, and useful resources that can help bolster their knowledge and skills, and elevate their entrepreneurial potential. At NWBC, we will continue to prioritize this challenge and strive to make inroads for women-owned businesses in starting and growing their business.

Series 1: Connecting Voices & Impacting Policy

From January to March, #WebinarWednesday will focus on the policies and resources that could benefit women business owners and entrepreneurs, educators, investors, and community leaders.

Series 2: Creating Opportunities For Female Founders

April will kick off the second #WebinarWednesday series. Women-led firms struggle to obtain venture capital and angel investments, balance work and family life, and build businesses in male-dominated industries. NWBC host industry experts, agency officials, and research analysts to reveal opportunities for women entrepreneurs looking to start and grow their businesses.

Series 3: Celebrating Women’s Business Enterprise

Let’s celebrate! This series will highlight the women that are breaking barriers and taking their businesses to the next level. Hear from advocates of women in business and get essential advice from female founders who have succeeded in raising capital to grow their businesses, expanded their enterprise in rural areas despite challenges, and started businesses in industries like technology and science.

Upcoming Webinars

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