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Fact Sheets

*NEW* Fact Sheet: Gender differences in US businesses

Learn more about women-owned, equally-owned and men-owned business performance and if your state makes the list for most women-owned businesses! 

*NEW* Fact Sheet on Women-owned Businesses

Check out the latest numbers and characteristics in our analysis of preliminary data from the Survey of Business Owners via the United States Census. 
Business Woman

*NEW* Fact Sheet: Black Women-owned Businesses

There are 1,526,699 Black women-owned businesses in the United States. This reflects an increase of 67.5% from 2007. Learn more about this important segment of the business owner community. 

*NEW* Fact Sheet: Asian-American Women-owned Businesses

There are 754,874 Asian American women-owned businesses in the United States. Learn more about this important subset of the entrepreneurship community. 
Latina Biz Ladies

*NEW* Fact Sheet: Hispanic Women-owned Businesses

There are 1,475,829 Hispanic women-owned businesses in the United States. Learn more about this fast growing segment of the entrepreneurship economy. 

Access to Capital

Lack of access to capital continues to be a barrier for women-owned businesses. On average, women start their business with half as much capital as men ($75,000 vs. $135,000). Women-owned and men-owned high growth potential firms experience larger disparities in capital at...

Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity = Corporations use supplier diversity programs to strengthen their supply chains by cultivating the marketplace of women-owned, minority-owned, veteran-owned and LGBT-owned vendors. These programs originated as government initiatives to foster the use of...

Why Invest in Women?

Women-owned firms are a vital component of the economy.  As of 2012, the United States had approximately 9 million privately-held women-owned firms. Firms owned by women are responsible for approximately $1.4 trillion in sales. 11.7% of these firms have employees other...
Our Collective Voice, agenda

"Our Collective Voice" Series

NWBC/WIPP PARTNER’S MEETING “OUR COLLECTIVE VOICE” PROJECT DESCRIPTION Oct. 18, 2012   Statement of Need - How we collectively and individually tell the story about women-owned businesses to policy makers when we make recommendations, to Congress...