NWBC Policy Priorities

Access to Capital &

NWBC recognizes that access to capital remains the largest barrier to market entry and success for female founders and women-owned firms. The Council strives to propose solutions pertaining to credit access, federal procurement, and venture capital funding for women entrepreneurs.

Women in

NWBC is dedicated to encouraging women to start and grow their businesses in STEM, an industry with proven high-growth potential. Efforts to spur entrepreneurship in these underrepresented fields center on education and capital.

Rural Women's Entrepreneurship

NWBC remains committed to gaining further insight on the unique challenges faced by rural women entrepreneurs and identifying untapped opportunities for growth.

A Few Things to Offer

NWBC is committed to advocating for women in business.


NWBC’s #WebinarWednesday is a monthly, multi-series webinar that serves as a platform for women entrepreneurs and business owners.


NWBC hosts #LetsTalkBusiness Roundtables to convene women business owners and entrepreneurs & connect their voices to policymakers.

Annual Reports

NWBC serves as an independent source of advice and policy recommendations to the President, Congress, and the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Public Meetings

NWBC holds public meetings to share the Council’s latest initiatives and areas of study and gather input on the development of its policy recommendations.