We invite you to participate in the Twitter chat, “The Value of Access to Markets for Women Entrepreneurs” on Thursday, May 24 at 3:30 pm ET. Follow along with the hashtag #NWBCchat.

NWBC research has found that women business owners face a number of obstacles in their access to financial capital and customer markets. This Twitter chat will share insights on how women entrepreneurs navigate expanding into new markets, and tips on how they can build and strengthen their business via market expansion.

You can find the Council’s recent research on access to markets: “Understanding the Landscape: Access to Markets for Women Entrepreneurs: here: https://www.nwbc.gov/2018/05/10/national-womens-business-councils-latest-report-on-women-business-owners-access-to-markets/.

Below you can find some of the questions for the Twitter Chat:
•Q1: What was your experience like accessing new markets for your business? #NWBCchat
•Q2: How does technology play a role in assisting women entrepreneurs with accessing and growing in various marketplaces? #NWBCchat
•Q3: What are some of the challenges for women business owners in accessing new markets? #NWBCchat
•Q4: What advice would you give to women business owners looking to enter different markets, such as exporting, federal government procurement, corporate contracts, etc? #NWBCchat
•Q5: Where can women business owners go to find resources to access markets? #NWBCchat

We look forward to having you join us!
The National Women’s Business Council