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We know that 10 million women-owned businesses exist in this country. However, fewer than 2 percent of these businesses exceed $1 million in receipts. Corporate contracting represents a prime opportunity for growth-oriented women business owners to increase their profits, as well as the size of their companies.

Commissioned by the National Women’s Business Council and prepared by Premier Quantitative Consulting, Inc., Supply and Demand Perspectives on Women’s Participation in Corporate Supplier Diversity Programs is comprised of three separate studies that provide a snapshot of current corporate supplier diversity programs from the perspectives of supply and demand: a statistical analysis of a survey of women business owners, a review of the public-facing side of S&P 500 corporations’ supplier diversity programs and a synthesis of in-depth interviews with 15 corporate supplier diversity managers. This report highlights the strengths and obstacles of U.S. corporate supplier diversity programs; discusses recommendations that advance women entrepreneurs’ full participation in these programs; and also provides a multi-dimensional outlook for key areas in which suppliers, corporations, and policymakers can collaborate to support women-owned businesses.