A delightful way to the start the new year – the National Women’s Business Council is thrilled to welcome Kari Warberg Block to serve as a member. Based in North Dakota, Warberg Block is considered the “mother of invention” as the founder and CEO of Earth-Kind.

“I’m so honored to serve in this role, as we are witnessing the most unprecedented growth in the number of women starting businesses in history. Like many people, I began my business at my kitchen table. There were a lot of barriers to break down, but with the support of the efforts of NWBC, I was able to create a shift in the marketplace and become an industry leader. I feel confident that my experience, ability, and interests will all translate into measureable value, as will my excitement for this wonderful opportunity to support other women who are starting, growing, or scaling a business,” Warber Block said of her recent appointment.

With two small children at home, she was determined to find a natural solution that would rid the family farm of rodents. At the time, 90% of pest control solutions contained dangerous toxins. she created Fresh Cab®, the first botanical rodent repellent safe enough to use at home, but strong enough to meet Federal EPA standards for efficiency. Today, Fresh Cab®, along with a natural line of products called Stay Away, which repel not only rodents, but insects, are sold into 55,000 retail stores throughout the USA and Canada. The company recently added a line of biodegradable air fresheners.

Hailed as a market disrupter, Warberg Block is a tireless champion for value-added agriculture, sustainability and entrepreneurship. Her products are made exclusively from ingredients grown on family farms and Earth-Kind is committed to the communities in which its employees live and work. Through the employment of developmentally disabled citizens, the utilization of natural, renewable resources, and a responsible (2%) carbon footprint, she hopes to set a new standard for the way business works.

As a result of her achievements, she has been recognized as one of an Ernst & Young’s 2012 Entrepreneurial Winning Women, an Inc. 500/5000 fastest growth company, and a runner-up for National Small Business Person of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration. She was previously named North Dakota’s Small Business Person of the Year.

“Kari Warberg Block embodies what the Council stands for – a determined entreprenuer that innovated to solve a common problem and is committed to investing in her community and giving back. Her first-hand experience in building a business and overcoming obstacles to grow and scale will be of great value to the Council, and our work with policy makers, influencers and other stakeholders to support the growth of women-owned and women-led businesses. We are so excited to have her join us,” said Amanda Brown, Executive Director of the Council.