by Rose Wang, Founder and CEO, Binary Group

Binary’s founding principle is to make a lasting impact by delivering results fast. Our passion is helping the government be more efficient and effective.  The driving force behind the company’s principles started with the values my parents instilled in me growing up in China –  a strong work ethic and to stand up for what I believed in. In 1989, I protested with my friends at Tiananmen Square for reform and freedom.  The US opened its doors following that event, so I came here to live the American dream. After graduate school, a stint at a Silicon Valley start-up, and my own entrepreneurial ventures, I started Binary, then a commercial IT consulting company.  I wanted to be able to drive my own destiny.  On 9/11, I found myself reliving the heart-wrenching experience of Tiananmen and at that moment I decided to steer the company toward helping the Federal Government to help secure our freedom.  We secured our first contract with the DoD, and quickly expanded our Federal presence from there.
As the founder and CEO of Binary Group, I am focused on two key drivers — customer results and corporate culture. Since Binary Group’s start, we have been Outcome Driven – making an impact quickly and cost-effectively for our customers. To be successful, companies should continually transform.  Customers are demanding change from contractors and those that can be agile and deliver better value quickly will prosper.  Applying our unique Outcome Driven Enterprise Approach™  to every engagement, our teams can deliver results that are sustainable and provide long-term success for our customers. We achieve a thriving corporate culture through maintaining an environment that encourages employees to succeed personally and grow professionally.