Today, the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce released a report on women’s economic priorities outlining current economic conditions along with federal budget and policies to support women’s economic priorities. The National Women’s Business Council released the following statement:

“The release of the U.S. Women’s Chamber report on women’s economic priorities gives us a clear indication of the contributions women have made in moving our economy forward,” says NWBC Communications Director Krystal Glass. “This is yet another resource for advocates of the women’s business community and policy makers to use as a groundwork to create innovative policies to advance economic gains for women.”

In alignment with many of the economic priorities laid out in the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce report, the National Women’s Business Council’s work is focused on women’s access to capital, their increased access to and opportunity within the marketplace, supporting women so they can grow and scale their businesses, and finally collecting the data on their great and significant contributions to the economy.



Krystal Glass
Communications Director
National Women’s Business Council
O: 202.205.6829