As Mother’s Day approaches the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) is honoring Mother’s Day in conjuction with StartUpNation by celebrating our nation’s top 100 leading moms in business. In tribute to mom-entrepreneurs, StartUpNation will be highlighting astonishing moms in business with their 6th annual Leading Moms in Business competition.

The National Women’s Business Council’s Chair Carla Harris released the following statement congratulating the top 3 winners from the Leading Moms in Business competition:

“We are proud to highlight these women who have taken on dual CEO roles, at home, and in leading their own businesses. Our data shows us that many women choose to start their own businesses in order to be able to financially and economically support their families, to have the flexibility to be able to rear their children, in addition to the intellectual stimulation and financial reward of being your own boss.

We highlight these women who have taken on the risks and challenges of entrepreneurship, while also illuminating the ways that they managed the challenges that exist for women entrepreneurs including access to capital and markets. Entrepreneurship is a major contributor to job creation in this country and to the economic stability of women and their families.”

The National Women’s Business Council continues to be a leading voice on issues relating to women business owners. The top 3 winners of the Leading Moms in Business competition are:

  • Carol Tuttle- as a mother of 5 children, Tuttle is also the founder of Dressing Your Truth, a business that empowers women to feel more confident by discovering the truth about their beauty.
  • Melanie Kampman- Social Media Expert, Brand Ambassador, and Owner of Giveaway Bandit. Giveaway Bandit is a popular family friendly lifestyle blog focusing on giveaways, product and travel reviews.
  • Brooke Dunwell- Owner of a women-owned and women-run company, Dunwell is the founder of Carbon Three Inc.- a recruiting firm that specializes in building technology start-up companies.


Krystal Glass
Communications Director
National Women’s Business Council
O: 202.205.6829