The National Women’s Business Council commemorates Women’s History Month by celebrating legendary women entrepreneurs who’ve boldly advanced the women’s economic agenda and paved the way for today’s women entrepreneurs to champion the title of fastest growing sector in the small business community.


“We are inspired by the trailblazers, activists, pioneers, entrepreneurs, and the countless women who’ve contributed greatly towards shaping America,” said NWBC Chair Carla Harris. “Women’s history month is a time of reflection and action; reflecting on the past contributions made by women and acting decisively on addressing the economic needs of today’s women. Whether it’s pay equity or getting more capital in the hands of women entrepreneurs, we must promote innovative policies to support women’s impact in shaping America and America’s economy.”


The National Women’s Business Council continues to be a leading voice in advancing the agenda of women entrepreneurs and advocating for broadening the pathways to success for women business owners across America.




Krystal Glass

Communications Director

National Women’s Business Council

O: 202.205.6829