By Lea Márquez Peterson, Owner of

President/CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Council Member, National Women’s Business Council


Nina Vaca has built a business that is worth over $200 Million dollars today. Beyond her business acumen, Nina has also served as the Chairman of the Board of the United States Hispanic Chamber (USHCC), an organization in which our own local Tucson Hispanic Chamber is a member. The USHCC is the largest Hispanic business organization in the United States.


I’ve had the honor of meeting Nina several times. Though she is small in stature, she carries a large presence. She is decisive, direct and considered a leader in her industry – professional staffing. The National Women’s Business Council commemorates Women’s History Month by celebrating legendary women entrepreneurs who’ve boldly advanced the women’s economic agenda and paved the way for today’s women entrepreneurs to champion the title of fastest growing sector in the small business community.  Nina is a shining example. She is the CEO of Pinnacle Technical Resources based in Dallas, Texas. Her company is an information technology services provider for Fortune 500 companies.


She emigrated at a young age from Ecuador with her family. Her father and mother were both entrepreneurs, her father owning a chain of travel agencies and her mother owning several retail businesses. From an early age, Nina helped out with the family businesses and in 1989, when her father was shot and killed during a robbery at one of his offices, she and her older sister took over his business.  The two ran the chain for a year in order to prepare it for sale.


Nina attended Texas University and has been named one of the youngest Distinguished Alumni in university history. She also holds honorary Doctors of Law degrees from Northwood University and Mount Mary College. In addition to being CEO of Pinnacle, Nina is also a Director with Comerica, Inc., Director with Kohl’s Corporation and one of the founding board members of Startup America Partnership. Nina is married with four children in Texas. She is an inspiration to many women in business and considered a leading Latina business leader in the United States.




Lea Márquez Peterson owns, a business brokerage firm that assists business buyers and sellers in southern Arizona. She also is the president and CEO of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Lea is also a current Council Member at the NWBC.