As we pay homage to all Veterans for their sacrifices and service to our country, the National Women’s Business Council takes honor in commemorating Veterans Day by highlighting key findings about women veteran business owners. Based on the most recent Census data, there are almost 2.5 million veteran-owned firms in the US, comprising more than 9 percent of all firms. Of these firms, four percent—nearly 100,000—are women-owned. A notable accomplishment for women veterans considering women veterans made up only 7% of veterans during the time the data was collected.


This Veterans Day, The National Women’s Business Council takes honor in serving as a resource for women veterans during the 2013 Women Veterans Entrepreneur Conference hosted by Count Me In. Count Me In is a national not-for-profit provider of resources, business education, and community support for women entrepreneurs. NWBC is proud to celebrate the many women veterans who continue to grow our economy and serve our country through entrepreneurship.


Veteran woman-owned businesses are making a significant economic impact. In fact, these 100,000 veteran women-owned businesses earn almost $16 billion in receipts annually, which translates into nearly 70,000 jobs. When it comes to economic recovery, veteran women business owners are doing their part.


Help us spread the word and encourage aspiring women veteran business owners to take advantage of the resources and opportunities available through The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Veterans Business Development, the Office of Women’s Business Ownership, and programs offered through SBA’s Resource Partners.


In honor of Veterans Day, the National Women’s Business Council pays special tribute to veteran woman business owners and proudly gives thanks to all veterans for their service and sacrifices.


For women veterans who are interested in help starting or growing a business, there are plenty of resources available, including the Office of Veterans Business Development and the Office of Women’s Business Ownership at the Small Business Administration.




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