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Meet the NWBC

Jaime Nack

President of Three Squares Inc.

Read Ms. Nack's perspectives pieces for NWBC, "The New Frontier: Women Leading the Charge in the Environmental Arena,"  here.
Jaime Nack, founder and president of Three Squares Inc., is a leading environmental consultant based in Los Angeles with projects spanning across the globe. Her career has focused on developing strategies and campaigns for various environmental initiatives, ranging from electric vehicle charging infrastructure to clean port programs.
Responsible for producing many of the nation's largest environmental conferences, Ms. Nack was asked to play a major role in developing the APEX/ASTM green event standards. In 2008, she directed the sustainability and greening operations for the Democratic National Convention. It was the first time in DNC history that measures were taken to reduce the event’s environmental impact on the host city. She continued to manage the sustainability efforts for the party’s 2012 national convention.    
Ms. Nack is on the board of directors for the Westside Special Olympics and the ArtsEarth Partnership. She serves as a presenter for former Vice President Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project. She was also named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum for her leadership in the environmental industry.  
Ms. Nack has a master's degree in public policy/international trade from the University of California at Los Angeles, where she also earned her bachelor's degree in international economics with a minor in urban planning.

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